Goodbye Fall, Hello Thanksgiving! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hello My Thankful Friends!
How are you doing today? :)
Fall is over, now It's Thanksgiving time. <3

My mom and my brother sent me these beautiful colorful photos 
of our neighborhood in Korea through KaKaoTalk.
KaKaoTalk is the most popular messenger app in Korea.
We have a Group Chat Room where we share photos and daily life together there. :)

Have you talk to your family and friends for Thanksgiving?
Now is the perfect time to say hi and say thanks to your close ones. :)
I am so Thankful for so many things.
And I'd like to THANK YOU for being here and reading my blog! <3

To be honest, I always feel extra lonely during holiday times.
Sometimes I kinda go crazy when I can't handle that loneliness! ;(
But I Choose to be Thankful for what I have now for this Thanksgiving! :)

Because I have this cool dog right here with me. :D
Thank you Happy for making funny faces all the time and making me laugh! :)

We wish your Thanksgiving will be filled with so much gratitude and happiness in your heart! <3
And of course, so much yummy food in your tummy too! :)


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