Coffee and Cookie with Style...for Mondays, Not for Dogs

Monday, July 18, 2016

How you doin' my Happy Friends!
Happy Monday! ;)

I'm right here chillin' with my organic nitro cold brew double black coffee with my vegan macadamia cookie.
This is how I do Monday in LA. ;)

...Actually, it's not mine...-_-
Dude...I'm a dog, I can't eat this kind of cool stuff.
I swear all the cool stuffs are for reserved for humans.

But I decided to pretend I'm a cool dude by taking pictures with this cool stuff.

How do I look?
Do I look like a hipster? ;)

I think I look too cool. :)
Sometimes I think I'm a human.
By sometimes I mean all the time. ;)

What is this thing anyways?!
Why you drink this black bitter stuff!!
Humans are weird LOL! ;)

Do you like coffee?
How do you cope with Mondays? 

PS - Read more about this coffee HERE on mommy's new blog.
It's not a sponsored post. :)

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