I Don't Always Drink Coffee But When I Do...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How you doin' Happy Friends?
It's me cool hipster dude, HAPPY! ;)
I'm right here chillin' with another cold brew coffee again?! LOL

I don't always drink coffee but when I do...
I just don't because I'm a dog! ;)
They have beer for dogs, why no coffee for dogs?!

And why mommy's keep making me wearing this shades and make me pose with her coffee?
She's a weirdo...but I still love her, hehehe. ;)

Mommy's been drinking coffee everyday these days!
That's good because she has more energy and she wants to play with me more. ;)
But maybe she should take off this funny bottle cap from top of my head.
Because... it's blocking my crown chakra. LOL
It's all about Nama...Stay in bed. <3

Mommy let me smell the empty bottle.

Then it made me think about some things in life...

Why do humans drink this weird stuff again?
I'd rather be a dog and chew a yummy bully stick, thanks! ;)

I'm wishing you a good luck today and everyday! <3

Wait, I put it on top of my head for extra luck for you! :D

Also check out mommy's blog too if you want. ;)

And here's a little cute video we made for you so you can smile! :D

*This is not a sponsored post. ;)

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