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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Hello Happy Friends! :D
Happy Wordless Wednesday! ;)
I'm going to show you some of the cool stuff I've been chewing!

I'm a dog.
I love chewing! ;)

This I got it from this cool pet store nearby.
Maybe I'll take you there next time!

They sell bunch of different bulk chews.
This one is a dehydrated duck foot. ;)
Or it could be a chicken foot...mommy got me both and forgot which one was this one...-_-

Whatever foot is...this was delicious! :)
Mommy didn't know I could actually eat this.
Chicken foot had sharp claws, so she cut those off before she gave it to me.
It was really hard and crunchy, so I would recommend it to dogs who has strong teeth.

This one is Barkworthies Rabbit Role.
It was little stinky and I was not used to this.

But I love stinky stuff so I liked it! :D
It's more like jerky sausage than a chewing stick.
So I finished it really fast. ;)

This one is Himalayan Dog Chew.
A.k.a cheese for dogs! ;)

I liked this one a lot. It lasts a long time so I can chew this all day. :D
It's like super hard cheese and it smells like good cheese.
But it's not stinky and it's not messy.
Mommy takes it away when it gets smaller, just in case I swallow it.
They say you can the piece get smaller you can put in the microwave to puff it up or something.
But we don't have a microwave. LOL

Lastly this one is my favorite! :D

It's a Bully Stick! <3

I don't know what it is but this is my favorite. :D

Maybe because it's so meaty and yummy. ;)

I'm so happy chewing my bully stick.

Make sure it's a great quality bully stick. :)
And bully sticks are quite high in calories so don't eat too much! :D

I also like to chew Whimzees
and I finished a bag of it, but mommy didn't take any photos! -_-;;;

What's your favorite chew? :D

Check out my bully stick chewing action! ;)

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Also check out today's new dog vlog! :D
We decided to make many videos for YouTube, then our small camera got broken. :'(
So this was filmed on our phone.
But we will be still making videos, so please subscribe and stay tuned! <3
Thank you for watching! :D

Have a beautiful happy day! <3

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