Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Venison Lung Bites from Review!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hello Happy Friends! <3
It's me funny face HAPPY! ;)
It's Chewy time! :D

*Happy is a #ChewyInfluencer ;) sent us a bag of treats for the review.
HAPPY HAZEL only share our honest opinion. <3

It's been a while since we got a treat from!
You can read our past Chewy reviews HERE. ;)

I was just so happy to try an amazing treats from Chewy!
Can you tell how happy I am? :D

You can see the treats through the little window there! ;)

There is only one ingredient!
It's Venison Lung! :D

I like that!
It sounds simple and clean! ;)

Why is it called Wild Pursuit anyways? ;)

 I looked it up for you. :D
It's to satisfy our ancestral cravings!
Pretty cool huh?! ;)  

Let's take a look at it!
It's dehydrated venison lung bites. ;)
So meaty and yummy lookin'!

It's also

Grain and gluten-free
100% New Zealand dehydrated venison lungs
High protein
Less than 8 calories per piece
Recommended for adult dogs
Easily break into small pieces for small dogs
No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

OK, let me taste it now! ;)

One big bite! :D
On the packaging, it says break into small pieces for small dogs...

But I'm a big dog! ;)
or am I not?...
I'm confused sometimes...LOL!

It's always so much fun to try new treats from!<3

We bet you and your dogs will love this treats too! :D
And one more thing!!!

We made a behind the scene video of our photo shoot today! :D
Watch us how we do it! ;)

Oh, if you want to try this yummy treats, you can get it HERE! <3
If you are looking for something else...

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