Friday Flower Selfies

Friday, February 06, 2015

dog selfie

Hello Everyone.
Happy Friday to you!
Happy wants to shares some of his selfies from today.
And some helpful tips too!

A beautiful flower? You must take some selfies with it!
The best selfie opp ever. :)
One looking all cool not looking at a camera.
Stare as far as possible. Like if you're a dreamer.
So dreamy.

One being all silly.
Stick your tongue out as much as possible.
Laugh it out for life is fun!

One with a natural smile. Cute and Pretty!
Not too much tongue action here.
Or else you're gonna look silly again.

Trying too hard to smile, an awkward smile happens.
Relax and just be natural. Just like that flower.
Bloom as you are. :)

You can also experiment with sunlight and different angles.
It's so much fun taking unique selfies.
Same is boring sometimes, be different and stand out. It's always fun! :)

Let your own light shine through your smile.
Your smile make the world a little brighter and beautiful. <3

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