When it Rains in LA - Cloudy with a Chance of Happy :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

It was a cloudy day in LA. 
Almost always sunny weather we have here but not today.
That didn't stop him from going outside and play!
Because that's his favorite thing to do. :)
Although he seems so serious about this weather situation...

When it rains in LA, it's crazy.
We don't know how to react to rain. All we know is sunshine. :)
In fact, I haven't own an umbrella since I broke one that I brought from Korea.
And that's like more than 10 years ago! That's crazy.

Why umbrella? When you can just put on some hoodies and run under cover. :)

Still this LA dog just can't hide his feeling of missing the warmth of sunshine.
Umm it was only just yesterday it was sunny? And probably tomorrow will be sunny?

Happy says it's all about now, the present moment! 
Hey, then choose to be happy now, even on a cloudy day.
Don't let the weather change your mood. It's only outside of you.

You can always have sunny weather inside your mind and heart. <3
Be your own sunshine and shine bright whenever and wherever you go!

Your brightness will make the darkness go away. :)

Then we found this beautiful white feather floating around.
I've heard something like this is a sign from angels.
It made me smile and happy. Such a lovely feeling just from a feather. <3

Happy sleeps like a baby whenever we comeback from outside.
I mean, he is a baby. Although he thinks he's a big guy.
He will always be my baby. :)

I wonder what he's dreaming about.
Maybe a dream about the day he finally catches a bird on a sunny day.
Recently, I've been dreaming about adopting a little brother for Happy.
More like thinking than dreaming but I've been thinking falling asleep. :)

What do you think your dog dream about? Or what do you dream about?
How do you spend your rainy days?

Sending a little warmth from my heart to all of you!
Especially to the ones who are having a cold day. <3

*Happy was wearing his favorite hoodie purchased from Amazon.
It feels so soft and he feels really comfy in it.
It's been helping him stay warm and cozy in chilly days in LA.
He had it for more than a year, it's still in a great shape after many plays and washes.
We're definitely getting another one pink or red next time! :)
For more colder weather, there's one with the fleece lined. Check them out!
PS- Happy is 10 to 11 pounds and wears size small for your reference.

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