My Dog is My Family too!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

It was when I was in elementary school.
One day in the class, we had to write down all of the family members' names on a paper and introduce them in front of the class.
I wrote my Dad, Mom, Me, Brother and my dog's name on a paper.
It seems like nobody wrote their dog's name. I was little hesitant.
I still wrote down my dog's name Poly, because I had no doubt that he's a part of the family.

So it was my turn to introduce my family members.
And the moment I read the name Poly.
The teacher said "Who is that?"
I answered "He's my dog. He's my family."
Then he started laughing and said "Hahaha, then your family is a dog family?"
The whole class started laughing and I was the only one not laughing.

I was little girl.
I didn't understand why it was so funny to have a dog as a family.
I felt so stupid and hurt.
Then it was early 90's in Korea, it was kinda rare especially in the city to have a dog as a pet.
It was even considered little luxurious thing to have a small breed dog, like fancy accessories.
I think that was why he was being so sarcastic and kids just went along with him like always.
Now I'm an adult, I understand why I was laughed at. And I forgive!

I'm so glad I've never changed my heart on what I've always believed in.
So today I can loudly and proudly say "Happy is My Family! and I love him so very much!" :)
Please don't ever let anything or anybody change your heart, even when it seems like the whole world is laughing at you.
Let them laugh and you keep loving what you love! <3

PS- Poly was my first dog. He went to heaven almost 10 years ago, during the days when I last went back home to Korea, in my arms. He's still living in a very special place in my heart and still makes me smile and cry so much. :')

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