Happy February!

Monday, February 02, 2015

cute dog
Happy Monday and Happy February to You! :)
How about starting your week and your month with a little smile?

I can feel it's already slowly warming up in LA.
Sunny days are just another good reason to smile about.
Even when you are having a cold weather day from where you live, 
I really wish you can feel the warmth from these pictures.

February is a shorter month. So it's more special.
It's like dogs' life. I've always thought and questioned. how and why dogs have such a short life?
After all my life of being a philosopher of random thoughts, I've come to the conclusion.

It's because dogs don't need a long life like humans to learn how to live and love.
They live freely and love unconditionally from when they are puppies.
They don't waste their whole life try to figure out who they are or care about what other people think of them. 
They just naturally be themselves and enjoy life, Everyday! 

And most of all, they teach us how to love by loving us unconditionally.
Love is the most important and precious thing in life. That's all we need after all.
So the dogs don't stay with us for so many years, with so many years we might take them and their love for granted.
They truly live their lives at the fullest and they all go to heaven. <3

If you are busy living life, take a little moment for yourself.
Take yourself out to a nearby park or nature.
Maybe under the trees like this and sit down on the bench.
Feel the Fresh air and beautiful trees, they always love you.
And maybe think about someone you love and send them some love.

Or come out to the park together!
Smile, laugh, play and have fun!
The month is short. :)

I wish everyone a very Happy February full of smiles and laughter and lots of Love! <3

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