Griffith Hike!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy loves Griffith Park just like any other LA locals. :)
Also so loved by the tourists and visitors.
It's just feels so good to be up here, so close to sky!

On weekends the observatory is packed with people from all over the world.
On weekdays it's quite peaceful and relaxing. 

And you can go hiking to Mount Hollywood trail. The entrance is right next to it.
It's a easy trail. Maybe the easiest. Honestly, I'm not a hiker.
People go hiking like 3-4 hours or all day somewhere, all climbing and stuff, so amazing!
I go hiking here for an hour or an hour and a half  the most and I'm done. :)

In the middle of the hike, you will get close to the right side of the Hollywood side.
Not to close though, if you want to get close there's a different trail, I'll show you next time. :)
And on top of the trail, you can see the whole city skyline of Los Angeles.
It feels so good to be away and be in a quite place.
Just a few steps away from the busy city,  it's so peaceful up here with fresh air and open sky!

Happy's always busy smelling and sniffing whenever we go hiking.
He gets pretty serious sometimes.
I wonder what he's looking for.
I'll never know. I don't even know what I'm looking for sometimes. :)

Well, that's life!
Keep going! You will find a way! :)

PS- Here's a post from July 12, 2013 was in draft.

It's been 2 weeks since I adopted Happy and it's been beautiful summer days in LA.
And I had to take him to Griffith Park for a little hike!
Happy is a LA dog! He's literally licensed dog of city of Los Angeles. ;)
So I wanted to introduce the city to him by taking him out to cool spots and landmarks around the town!
Where else than this beautiful park with this amazing observatory in the mountain?
('s also just the closest park too,haha)

He loves being outside!
His face changes into Happy face right when we go out.
Happy has so much energy with those long legs, it's more like he's walking me and I don't mind! :)

Then we come back home, he turns into a little monster face!

Or a baby puppy face :)
He is still such a little puppy.
I bought him the raw hides, he got so busy.
I could finally sit down and relax for little bit without baby sitting his little cute face.

Good thing about taking him out for a long hike is that...
We both falls asleep like babies!

It's one of the most peaceful moment in life that I've missed for a while.
Falling asleep together with a loved one with no worries just smiles.
It felt so warm in this hot summer day but I didn't care, because it felt so good. <3

High five to that! Happy the pink paw! ;)

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