Let's be Happy! :) - Happy #Blogmas Day 1

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hello Happy Friends! :)
Happy December and Happy Blogmas Day 1! 

Let's be happy this month!
We don't need so many things to be happy.
Because we have so many reasons to be happy. :)
Sometimes we don't even need a reason to be happy, we can just be happy! :D

Happiness is always within' you!

People will try to bring you down, when you are happy for no reasons.
They will even say you are stupid or crazy and you need this or you have to do that to be happy.
But don't let anyone take away your happiness!

(image source : allielefevere.com)

Happiness is a choice we make at our heart!
Your happiness is yours, not anyone else's.
So take charge of your happiness today! :)

Santa Happy says...

Take a look in a mirror and put a little smile on, because your soul is beautiful. <3
Your smile is more powerful than you think.
It's the most beautiful expression and the strongest inspiration you can make!
So smile on and be happy today, tomorrow and everyday! :)

Let's share love and spread happiness this season! <3

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