Naturally Lovely! Belvoir Fruit Farms Lemonades Review!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lemonade anyone? :)
Aren't these so adorable? <3 
They are all natural and all so special!

*Belvoir Fruit Farms sent me free samples for a review.
I'm not paid to write this blog post.
I only post my honest opinion! :)

It's still sunny and warm in Los Angeles!
Such a perfect day for a little picnic with this guy.

Beautiful day makes this guy so much happier! <3

I got 5 different flavors of Belvoir Fruit Farms single serving Lemonades! :)
First of all they are so pretty! 
They are perfect for a picnic with girls or a picnic date! :)

Although my date ran away from me...:)

They are all made with lots of real fruit juice, blended with sparkling Belvoir spring water.
Tastes like real thing, not like other artificial drinks.

They were so refreshing and uplifting. :)
Pretty colors and yummy flavors were so enjoyable!

I bet you've never seen Lime and Lemongrass Lemonade! ;)
Me neither! :)

I love limes! So I make my own limeade sometimes...
But oh my! This lime & lemongrass was the real deal! <3

This was my favorite one!
They are made with freshly picked Elderflowers from their own organic elder plantations!
Very unique and sophisticated flavor! <3
I've never tasted anything like this. :)
So I really enjoyed it!

Felt like a princess drinking Flower Lemonade. <3

This one is Pomegranate & Raspberry.
Another lovely combo! <3

Organic Ginger Beer is perfect for ginger lovers! ;)
Ginger is so good for you too.

Another pretty one here with Elderflower! :)
And this one is with Rose! <3

So perfect for Instagram too! :)

They were really 100% good!

These lemonades look so pretty and also taste so delicious! <3
I love it's 100% natural with real fruit juice.
Their unique flavors and refreshing sparkling water makes them all special! ;)

You can also use them to make amazing cocktails!
Perfect for cute parties! :)

Holiday Cocktails Ideas! <3
Ginger Pumpkin Apple sounds like the best thing ever! :D

These cocktails are so lovely and romantic! <3

These awesome recipes are available on

It's nice out these days! :)
How about a day time party outside with these lovely drinks? <3
Which one would you like to try the most?

They are available at WholeFoods, Lassens, World Market and more.
Click here for to find out where to buy in your area. :)

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