Happy Found The Best Bed for Dogs! Bowsers Dog Bed from HotDogCollars.com Review!

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Bowsers Dog Bed from HotDogCollars.com

Hello Happy Friends!
It's me sleepy Happy! :)
I've found the the best dog bed ever! <3

*I'm an Official Spokesdog for HotDogCollars.com 
They just added hundreds of New Dog Beds on their website
and sent me a bed for the review. 
We are not paid to write this blog post. Links are affiliate. :)

Amazingly Cool Pet Stuff!

I love sleeping!
How about you? ;)

I really enjoy taking naps and getting good sleep at night. :D
Because that's the time I am most relaxed and dreaming about a happy world! <3

Sleeping is really important for our health!
It's the time we give our mind and body a rest. <3
And we all deserve that! :)

It feels so good waking up refreshed after a good sleep! :D
So we are ready to have a happy happy day! ;)

I found this amazing dog bed from HotDogCollars!
And I've been loving it! <3

Garden Urban Lounger Square Dog Bed by Bowsers
It's called Garden Urban Lounger Square Dog Bed by Bowsers
from HotDogCollars! <3

Bowsers team of in-house designers ensure their beds reflect the latest trends in home decor.
Their original, stylish and practical designs have become the gold standard in the industry. 
Bowsers beds are manufactured in Canada, allowing them to maintain
a superior standard for quality and workmanship.

Bowsers beds are super quality beds for us super dogs! ;)
Plus so comfortable and so stylish! <3

Good dogs deserve good beds like Bowsers! :)

Their beds are designed with zippered covers for easy care. 
They use only the highest quality materials, such as YKK zippers used in the luggage industry,
high memory virgin polyester fibre and Eco-Tex Certified upholstery grade fabrics.

Sounds like the best bed ever! :D

Mommy told me she wants to give me only the best because I'm the best! :)

This bed feels so soft and velvety, not like other common dog beds.
When you get it, you will tell right away this bed is really great quality bed.

I've never had anything like this and I felt so good to be in this bed. <3

I used to sleep on the streets and cold concrete floors at the shelter. :(
Now I am so comfy and cozy in my new Boswers Bed. :D
Dreams do come true! <3

I felt like this bed is like my little room.
So I put my favorite toys in my bed too. :)
Pink monkey and Larry the Lobster is also available on HotDogCollars.

I got a small size and it's big enough for me and all my favorite toys. <3

Look! ;)

By the way, this bed is Urban Lounger style! Elegance and Function Defined !
Contemporary, streamlined shape and clean lines define this latest trend setting design.
Dual layer, fibre topped foam inner cushion provides orthopaedic support and plush comfort.
Unique one piece design - bottom cushion is secured (zippered) into the bottom of the bed,
making this a great solution for dogs that tend to dig and chew removable cushions. ;)

I fell asleep right away in this bed. :)

Also it has Removable, Machine Washable & Dryable Cover,
Filling does not shift or clump with use and washing and
Fabric, bolster, and inner cushion are all replaceable!

I think they really know how to make great beds for dogs. ;)

Mommy chose this design because it looks perfect for our future beach house! :D

Or we can just take it to the beach picnic next time. :)

HotDogCollars just added so many new styles and designs of Bowsers Beds for you to choose from!
They have perfect dog beds for every dogs and that will match your interior style! <3
Click HERE to find your style! :)

I usually sleep next to mommy at night.
But when she's busy during the day, I take a nap alone in my new bed. :)

Wait a minute!
I'm not alone, I forgot about my teddy bear! ;)

Bowsers Dog Bed from HotDogCollars.com Review

Do you have a favorite teddy bear like me? :)

He's my little buddy. :)

Bowsers Dog Bed from HotDogCollars.com Review

I think we are going to take another nap in my bed. :)
We will be back with another HotDogCollars review later this month. 

Let us know what kind of bed you like! :D

Happy napping and have a happy dream! :)

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