Happy Sunday with Happy! Happiness is Yours! :D

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Hello Happy Friends!
It's me happy dog, Happy! :)
How are you doing? <3

It's cloudy and windy day in LA today.
How about your town? :)

It was kinda cold, but we still went out for a little walk to enjoy the day. :) 

But clouds were keep following me to stop me from having a happy day!

So I wanted to run away from it.

Then I realized, I won't let anything stop me from having a happy day! :D

I'm the owner of my own happiness! ;)
a.k.a The Boss! ;)

Remember, nothing can stop you from being happy unless you let them! <3

So even on a cloudy day, smile on and be happy!

Because, Happiness is Yours! <3

Close your eyes and just think of happy things. :D
I'm sending you so much happiness right now! :)
Have a Happy Happy Sunday! <3

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