#TongueOutTuesday with Chewy.com Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Treats Review!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Treats from Chewy.com Review

Hello Happy Friends!
It's me happy Happy! :D
Happy Tongue Out Tuesday! :)
It's also Chewy Blog Hop day! <3

*Happy is a #ChewyInfluencer ;)
Chewy.com sent us a bag of treats for the review.
HAPPY HAZEL only share our honest opinion. <3

Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Treats from Chewy.com Review

I was sitting down on the bench after my morning walk.
It was then, I found myself in the Chewy Box! :D
You can see other cute dogs in Chewy Box on social media 
with hashtag #ChewyBoxLove ;)

Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Treats from Chewy.com Review

It was a perfect timing because I was getting hungry and ready for some yummy snacks!
Chewy.com always deliver yummiest dog treats we love! :)

And they are FAST! :D
Most of order are delivered in 1-2 business days! <3
Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Treats from Chewy.com Review

I couldn't stop smiling when I saw my treat was Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Treats! <3
Because they are made for Free Spirits like me and mommy! :D

Solid Gold celebrates the free-spirited nature of pets. They know pets aren't afraid to jump and miss, run and fall, or wag their tails so hard they go airborne. Help fuel your pet's free spirit with holistic dog treats that are carefully formulated with some of the most nutritious ingredients on earth.

Me and mommy remember Solid Gold from long time ago! ;)
When I got adopted from the animal shelter, 
they gave me a sample bag of Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken Dog Food!
That was so nice of them! <3
I really loved it and I felt so healthy!
So I ate many bags of Solid Gold dog food!
Solid Gold Wee Bit was also my favorite dog food. :)
They are also known for their famous Solid Gold SeaMeal Dog & Cat Supplement.
All these are available on Chewy.com! ;)

Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Treats from Chewy.com Review

Solid Gold is a group of animal lovers, explorers and nutritionists who want to give their pets the best. Their mission began in 1974 when founder and animal enthusiast Sissy Harrington McGill decided her dogs deserved a nutritious, natural food that would keep them happy and healthy.

For over 40 years, Solid Gold has been creating the kind of nutrition that helps transform pet’s lives in mind, body and spirit. Their premium, holistic, natural products allow pets to look and feel great while they live life to the fullest. <3

Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Treats from Chewy.com Review

Solid Gold Lamb Jerky Treats are

Made with real lamb
Ideal for training and the show ring
Preferred soft texture
All natural and holistic with no chemical preservatives

Lamb Jerky is soft enough for puppies or for older dogs with dental problems 
and is loaded with flavor! :D

Ideal for dogs of all ages and sizes, Solid Gold treats are formulated with wholesome ingredients in delicious flavor combinations and can be used for both treating and training.
Highly digestible, easy to chew, and great for your pup's dental hygiene, 
these treats satisfy every dog's appetite, from puppies to seniors and everywhere in between. ;)

Ok, Let me taste it for you! :)

Give it to me mommy! ;)

Hmm...Let me see!
I smell lamb! ;)
Smells so yummy! <3

It's MINE! ;D
You will love this Lamb Jerky Treats! ;)
They are really soft and chewy.
So meaty and Super delicious! <3
You can also make tiny pieces for tiny doggy friends.
But I like eating the whole thing! Hehehe! :D

Chewy.com Blog Hop

Every 3rd Tuesday of the Month is Chewy.com Blog Hop Day! :)
Hosted by sweet golden woofs Sugar The Golden Retriever 
and the great and powerful Oz The Terrier! <3
It's a fun way to check out many yummy treats from Chewy! ;)

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