Happy Tries Sprinkles Doggie Cupcake!

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Sprinkles Doggie Cupcake

Hello Happy Friends!
It's me hungry Happy! ;)
Happy Saturday to you.
Let's go eat some cupcakes! :D

Sprinkles is a famous cupcake place started in Beverly Hills. :)

Sugar The Golden Retriever always eat Sprinkles Doggie Cupcake! :D
You can see her video enjoying her cupcake on her Facebook sometimes.
She's a cuteness overload! <3

Sprinkles Doggie Cupcake

Whenever I watch her eating yummy doggie cupcake, I was getting so hungry!
So I had to tell mommy to buy me one too. ;)

There were so many yummy cupcakes!
But I had to find the one! :)
The one that are topped with yogurt "frosting" for dogs. <3

Sprinkles Doggie Cupcake 

Wow! We found it!
The Doggie Cupcakes!!! :D
They were the cutest little cupcakes! <3

They even put a cute sticker to show it's for dogs. :)
It says Doggies love cupcakes too and it's so true! <3

I couldn't wait to try it!

Sprinkles Doggie Cupcake

I was so excited and felt like it was my birthday! :)

Sprinkles Doggie Cupcake

Then mommy started asking me questions!

She asked, are you gonna be a good boy Happy?

Sprinkles Doggie Cupcake

I said, YES!!!
I promise I won't steal dirty napkins anymore! ;)

Then she finally handed me, my doggie cupcake. <3

I decided to be a good dog again.
So mommy can buy me another Sprinkles doggie cupcake soon. ;)

Let's all be good dogs and good humans
this weekend and everyday! :D

Who knows maybe someone will get you a cupcake too?! ;)

Watch me enjoying my yummy cupcake on YouTube! <3

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