Hello! How's everything?! How was your weekend? Today I'm back with Two Random Things About Me #3 !!! ;)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! How are you doing today? Wanna see some ducks? :)

Hello! Happy Friday! Today I want to talk about anxiety.

Hello Happy People! :) It's Happy the happy dog! I got a surprise for you! <3

Happy Wednesday Everyone! How are you doing today? Yes it's Bee again! :) Here are some things I've been buzzing about these da...

Hello Everyone! Can you tell how happy Happy is in this picture?! Happy Happy Double Happiness!! :):)

Yesterday was Star Wars Day , today is Cinco De Mayo in LA. But did you know today is also Children's Day ?

Where is this? Did Happy go to Korea?

Happy May Everyone and Happy Friday! Do you want a adopt a dog like Happy and be happy? Let me show you how to Adopt a Dog or any pet...

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