Two Random Things About Me - #3

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hello! How's everything?!
How was your weekend?
Today I'm back with Two Random Things About Me #3 !!! ;)

1. I was a Selfie Addict! LoL!

True story...;)
I have literally thousands of selfie photos in my old blackberry.
Even before the word "selfie" came out and before the front facing camera on the phone.
I was doing it!
Look how I've mastered lighting, angle, pose and all that for a perfect selfie.
And yes these were probably chosen after maybe at least 20 selfies taken!
Of course I had to throw a peace sign!
It was not the Asian thing. Maybe that too. I'm Asian after all.
But it was for the world peace. :)


I used to take selfies every single day. And post on my facebook and twitter all day.
Like a live update all day long.
It was so much fun sharing my smile and happiness.

Then I stopped.
I stopped taking selfies because I stopped smiling.
I didn't love myself anymore and I didn't think I was pretty anymore.
I was unhappy and I couldn't share that with anyone because I didn't want to burden anyone.
I'm like a snail always go hide in the shell when I'm not happy.

Making long story short and happy, Happy happened to me!
Now I take pictures of my happy dog Happy everyday!
He helped me find back my passion and my happiness of taking photos!

Palm Tree

Instead of focusing how miserable I was,
 I turned my camera from my unhappy self to happy things, 
like my dog, flowers and all the beautiful things out there, 
and they made me so happy!


We always have so much fun on our Instagram(@happpyhazzzel)
Come join our emoji commenting party. :)
We have super positive and kind loving community. <3
You will be happy too!

2. I love S'mores

It is officially my favorite food. (In the dessert category.)
I think it is way tooooooooooooo good.
It tastes like fantasy! 
or It is a fantasy! YES!


Like when I take a bite, right away it takes me into the happiest childhood memories!
Like I used to think Peter Pan is real and I wanted to fly with him 
and I used to dream about it...and I kinda still do. :)

Pretty addicting stuff!

And maybe it's so good because you always make them with your friends and eat them together.
Maybe that's why too...Ahh I miss my friends.
We used to makes s'mores at the Saddle Ranch on The Sunset strip on the weekends.
Best memories ever!

saddle ranch

That's why s'mores are so good because when we make s'mores we make memories too. <3

What are your favorite memories? How did you make them? :)
If you can't remember, then go make one today! <3

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