Did You Know May 5th is also Children's Day?

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Yesterday was Star Wars Day, today is Cinco De Mayo in LA.
But did you know today is also Children's Day?

May 5th is Children's Day in Korea and Japan.

I took this picture maybe more than 10 years ago when I went to Korea.
They are my nephews and nieces. They were so cute and innocent!
I heard they have all grown up, some of them are going to college. I just can't even imagine!
It felt so weird because I still just remember them as little kids in this picture.

I still remember how excited I was on Children's Day every year.
My parents would take us to theme parks and buy us gifts and take us to eat delicious food.
Me and my brother was the happiest kids in the world.

Children's Day were really happy days.
Just by being who we are, silly little kids, we were celebrated.
I think it is really important and beautiful day for this reason.

la county fair

As I've grown up and I have gone through so much as an adult.
It makes think how precious those moments and memories were as a child.

So I still want to celebrate Children's Day for you and for your inner child living in your heart!
No matter how old you are, what you've been through, please never forget about that child.

They are your innocence, purity, pure joy, happiness, love and so much more!

Please embrace your inner child and go play with them!
Your heart will thank you so much. <3

the grove farmer's market

So go buy yourself some Ice cream cone or banana split for lunch and
put some silly smile on your face and just be happy like a child! IT'S OKAY!

Because today is Children's Day and it's Your Day! :)

By the way, what's your favorite ice cream? I like vanilla soft serve ice cream cone!
But I feel like eating the swirl one right now. ;) 
Share your favorite ice cream in the comment! :)

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