The Dodger Dog in Hollywood! Review

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Can you tell how happy Happy is in this picture?!
Happy Happy Double Happiness!! :):)

*Happy was given store credit from We were not required to write a blog post about it or share on social media. I chose the items that are shown here and it was my choice to write this post. We always only post our honest opinion. Not a sponsored post!

hollywood sign

We were at our usual and favorite spot!
Hollywood and we call it Happywood! <3

hollywood sign

It's a popular spot for dogs in LA area. But also a secret spot!
So much green grass and space for dogs to run around and the view is amazing. :)
This park is not an officially off leash dog park but unofficially it is. ;)

Happy was so busy running around everywhere as always!
He got super excited because he was wearing his new Dodger jersey from <3
And EVERYBODY was staring at Happy and saying Happy is so CUTE and FAST!
Extra happy energy boost for Happy!

dodgers jersey

He got so tired and thirsty after his running session.
He looks like a little baseball player!
So adorable! <3

hollywood sign

Happy is usually shy around people but this day Happy was so confident and friendly!
He was going with everybody and every dog at the park.
I think he got into a really good mood and felt so good about himself.
Because everybody was staring at him and saying good things to him!

It's always so nice to hear random kind words from strangers. <3
It can really make somebody or some dog's day! :)

I wanted to take picture of him with a Hollywood sign...Failed. ;)
Happy likes taking pictures in a natural way. :)

dodgers jersey

Like this one. He just turned around and sat naturally.
He's a true model! Learning from you Happy!

He was so popular like if he was a real Dodgers baseball player. :)
This baseball jersey was like a super hero cape! Made him fly so happy! <3

It's just a clothes...
But how amazing this one clothes made Happy so happy, made me happy...
and everybody around him happy!
Happiness everywhere! <3

My favorite part of this jersey is it looks like buttons but it's easy velcro!
Of course it's officially licensed by MLB genuine merchandise. :)
And it's under 20 bucks! Best deal ever! <3

Go here to get your dogs baseball season ready and get so popular at the dog park or wherever you go! :) 
They have so many cool doggy sports gear for every sports and teams! ;)

Happy's ready! Are you ready? <3

Here are Happy's baseball cards! If anybody wants to collect them...! :)
They are rare items and we made them just for you! <3

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