Ducks, Dogs and Flowers

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
How are you doing today?
Wanna see some ducks? :)

Why not?! :)
They are so cute and they walk so cute!
And they think I have food and they like me.
I think they are funny. :)




Lotus flowers started blossoming in Echo Park Lake. <3
They just bloom and they are so beautiful. 
It was little gloomy and drizzly and they looked much more bright and pretty!


Palm Trees

Palm trees looked pretty too in the cloudy blue sky.

This guy has blue beak!
So different and way too cool, dude! :)

To be honest,
I don't really know how to tell the difference between ducks and geese or what else.
I just call them all ducks because I like ducks...or I call them birds! look at these beautiful birds! :)

Happy loves birds!
He loves looking at them and smelling the trails.
He is so fascinated by these flying beauties also swims in water! 

Spotted one big happy bird family!
We were so amazed!

Can you spot something special here?
When I was taking this picture, I was thinking I really wanted to find a 4 leaf clover.
But I didn't get to look for it.
Then I came home and saw this, it was caught right in this picture!

Just like sometimes you really want something, then you forget about it, and it comes to you!

Why Happy is making this face?
Because he's mad I put water on his face.
Not because he was rubbing himself on horse poop...

All the dogs were following Happy around to smell him and horse. :)

And this pretty dog fell in love with Happy but Happy was little shy as usual. :)

Oh, Love! That weird feelings. :)

That was just our simple daily life, park hopping in the neighborhood.

So many little happy things we can just find around us, make our lives so happy! <3
I hope you find so many "little happy things" today and everyday! :)

Good Luck <3<3<3 !!!!
And don't forget to comeback and let us know in the comment below! :)

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