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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Wednesday Everyone! How are you doing today?
Yes it's Bee again! :) Here are some things I've been buzzing about these days. :)

Canon DSLR

1. I got a new camera! My first DSLR!
It's a entry level and basic DSLR called Canon Rebel T5.
It's light weighted and pretty compact compared to other huge DSLRs.
Perfect choice for someone who wants to start getting into advanced photography.
Like me! :)
This bundle comes with a zoom lens and a camera bag and it's affordable.

I'm looking to get another lens for an addition.
Which is a very popular prime lens! It's bright lens and so useful in many ways!
It makes photos so pretty and it's at a great price!
I think this will be the main lens for my new camera! 
Must have for Canon DSLR users. <3

I am so excited for my new adventure with this camera!
I've always loved taking pictures since I was little.
And recently I've rediscover my lost passion of photography!

I'm so happy that I found my passion again!
It's like finding your lost love and falling in love all over again!

I took some photos past days and I still need to practice and get used to it.

And isn't that so exciting? Learning new things! :)

Pink Flowers

2. Focusing on Eating Healthy again!
I'm thinking about another post just about this.
I'm a pesco vegetarian. (If I have to label myself, that would be the closest.)
I was eating quite healthy for like 4 years I think.
But last 2 years, I had eaten unbalanced and unhealthy. So as my life too.
I'm trying to find balance with my diet and my life back to good health!

It is so important that we take care of our health since our body and mind are so connected. 
And make sure we don't forget about our soul and keep it happy and healthy!<3

Vegan Hero

I'm not a vegan. I'm not a hero. But I ate this. ;)
I wouldn't consider this a really healthy stuff but a better choice!
I usually prefer natural foods that are not processed or minimally processed for healthy eating.
But sometimes when I'm craving for some things like sandwich this time, than I just go for it! :)

Organic Chips
Eating nuts and seeds for crunchy cravings would be the best choice for healthy snacking.
But when I want to eat chips I eat chips. :)
And there's always a better choice, like this chips right here from Late July!
They are organic and gluten free with chia seeds, quinoa, amaranth and more!
My favorite one is the Blue corn one. So yummy!

Beet Kombucha

It is so nice to have a healthy grocery store like Lassen's near by.
They opened up couple of moths ago. It's like Wholefoods Market but smaller.
And they got Kombucha on Tap. YES!
This one was one with Beet! Beet is so good for you! :)
Definitely a cool store to stop by and grab some cool healthy snacks and drinks on the go! <3

Lavender Melon Kombucha

Kombucha is so healthy for you!
Kombucha can be little strong taste to some people.
But Kevita has awesome flavors like Lavender Melon I tried the other day! 
Ginger one is also a great one! It was so good and refreshing. <3

So give health food a chance and give it a try! 
It's always fun to try new things anyways! :)

Maybe you can get two and try with your friends!
It's fun to show a random act of kindness, plus you get to share a good health! :)

3. I touched the street cat for the first time!
I've been feeding them every single day from January.
One night, I heard a cat crying desperately I usually ignore and sleep.
But that time it sounded like if it was speaking to me saying,

"Help! We're so hungry!"

I looked out the window and the cat was right in front me with those big teary eyes.
I don't know how the cat knew I'm an animal lover or I had some food ready to give.
That night 2:30 am in the middle of my sleep I went out and gave them their first meal.
They were not even there. But after I came in I heard them eating and in the morning the plate was so empty clean!

Ever since that night I make them fresh and healthy home cooked meal every night.
Some nights I was so discouraged that they don't even show themselves.
But little by little, they started interact with me.
One of them started meow back at me after months I've been meowing at them and they started waiting for me at the dinner time.
And finally the one cat started eating off my hand and let me touch him or her but still with so much cautions.
They delight me so much. Such a blessing to be able to help them!

They get so happy whenever they see me and I'm so happy to see them happy!

Two of them were so little back then and they are getting bigger. 
There used to be 4 of them. I think the big one was mom. She died.
And one medium sized one has been missing almost two weeks.
I'm praying for the missing cat. <3

I have no good photos of them because it's dark at night and I don't want to bother them when they are eating. :) They get easily scared and it might takes months to build trust again. ;)

4. Happy was featured on Dogs of Instagram!

Dogs of Instagram ( has 1.5 Million Followers! 
It's the most popular and famous Instagram account for Dogs.
Happy got over 43600 likes! Just so amazing!
We've been really loving the Instagram's Dog Community.
So many sweet dogs and owners are so kind and loving.

We share our love and happiness with smiles and 
we get so much positiveness and encouragements back to us! 
We really enjoy this such a beautiful online experience. <3

And we love using emojis to comment on pictures! It's so much fun! :)
Come follow us on Instagram on @happpyhazzzel

5. Planning on a new website!

I've been brainstorming about this for a while.
And since I got the new camera, it's coming closer to making into reality.
I will be all done by me. Like this blog.
This is the base design for the logo.
Maybe I'll be adding a palm tree?!
Any guess what will it be about? ;) It's not really a secret but it's a secret. :)

How's your life been lately?
I'd love to hear from you!
Have a great happy day! <3

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