Happy's Little Spring Field Trip!

Monday, May 04, 2015

Where is this? Did Happy go to Korea?

california flag

He's still here! He's my little Californian dog.
"I love you California you are the greatest state of all~!"
It's a song from the Jeep commercial and it's stuck in my head. :)
Makes me wanna go on a Californian road trip and I love Wranglers. <3

We found this new street art at the 7 eleven.
So cool! I love street arts!
Freedom of expression is always so beautiful! <3

dog beach sign

It was a beautiful sunny day. 
So we headed to the Dog Beach in Long Beach.
It's called Rosie's Dog Beach

Happy's been here so many times. 
See this posts. Here. Here. and Here. :)

They put these new signs to mark the dog zone on the beach.
So cool! Happy was staring at it all strange. So funny. :)

cute dog

Of course he's showing off his coolest collar from HotDogCollars with his coolest name on! :)

He is usually little scared of water.
But I tricked him to go in the water by running into the water.
He followed me running then he realized he was in the water. :)

I'm sorry Happy lol. I won't do it again. I can't promise though. :)

I'm so happy with this Heart ID tag because it's so unique and it stands out.
Also matches with the yellow heart on his collar. :)
I got him this so he can spread love wherever he goes. <3
Happy's on a great mission!

Spread love everywhere you go.
 Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
Mother Teresa

I'm not sure if he knows about his mission but he's pretty good at it!
I say he's naturally talented at being Happy! :)

model dog

And also talented at modeling. Look how he poses!
I used to do modeling for a little bit and I used to take so many pictures of myself too. :)
Happy has taken over my camera and my everything! 

cute dog

He even knows how to use a prop and has a sense of humor. LoL.
He told me to put caption "OUCH!" :)

cute dog

He said this one is for #MondayMotivation #MondayMeditation . :)
Happy is so hashtag savvy. Check him out on our Instagram!

dog beach

Then we unexpectedly ended up in Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro.
I've heard about this place but it was the first time ever been here!

This is a wooden statue usually put it in front of a town for protection.
It's called Chun Haa Dae Jang Goon. It means The Greatest General Under The Sky.
They are usually in a pair with a woman one. But it was not there.

I've seen this kind of structure in Korea many times.
But it was such a weird feeling to see it here in California!
And it's been so long since I saw a traditional Korean architecture.

It was so beautiful. All these colorful colors and unique designs seemed so special.
There it was, all alone on the top of the hill, under the blue sky looking down the pacific ocean.
So different but so beautiful!

It says Woo Jung Oi Jong Gak means Bell House of Friendship.
How lovely it is that this is all about friendship! <3
You should definitely go here with your friends! :)

korean friendship bell



The views from here is fantastic. I couldn't believe how I've never been here before!
Sometimes we gotta stop going to same places and start enjoying unexpected adventures!

korean bell of friendship

korean design

I just had to stop and look up.
Again and again at this amazing Korean beauty!

I wanted to highlight The Everlasting Friendship <3<3<3


Even flower friends were happily dancing with the wind. So pretty!
It was a such a beautiful happy day. I wish you have a beautiful happy day too!

How about going on a little field trip with your dog, friends or family this month? :)

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