The Local Tourists of LA - Griffith Observatory

Yay! That's Us! Say Cheese! :)

Yay! That's Us!
Say Cheese! :)

Tried to look excited but...
We are always!

Los Angeles
It's a beautiful day and it's always nice up here!
So why not? :)

Happy Dog
And this guy doesn't care wherever he is!

He's just a happy dog!

Happy says it's not about where we are but how we feel about it! <3

And also who you are with. :)
That's so true!
Thanks Happy the Philosopher! :D

Griffith Observatory
Extra clear sky makes that day extra special too! :)

Happy carries his sunshine of his own! :)

His smile is brighter than sunshine sometimes! <3

He's not shy about it either! :)

Griffith Observatory
Griffith Observatory is one of the most famous tourist spot in LA.

Although dogs are not allowed in the observatory building. 
There are bunch of cool hiking trails you and your dogs can go! ;)

Griffith Observatory

Los Angeles

Happy is sending you HAPPY ENERGY and SUNSHINE to you from LA! :)

Happy Dog
Have an extra happy week everyone! :D

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