Happy Meets Santa for the First Time! - Happy #Blogmas Day 16

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hello Happy Friends!
It's me, Happy!
I met Santa for the first time! ;)

We went to the pet store this weekend and found Santa Claus! ;)
I was a little shy. :D

He told me to look at mommy's camera.

I wanted to see how he looks like.
Then he asked me "Have you been a good dog this year?"

I didn't know what to say!
He looked a little too serious!

I wanted to run away!
But I was being so brave and stayed. ;)

He told me to be a good dog and gave me a hug. :)

Mommy can't stop laughing at these pictures.
She says it's so cute and funny.
Because she was expecting to get some sweet photos like the ones she saw on instagram.
But me and Santa both looks so awkward and uncomfortable together. ;)
What do you think guys? :)

Merry Christmas from Happy and Santa! <3

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