Sunday playday! written on June 30, 2013 two days after adoption

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Flossing time!
Got this toy from a dollar shop.
I used to have this kind of toy for Poly and Max my former dogs.
They never liked it or played with it.
But Happy loves it.
Thank you Happy!

He's still curious about the new place.
He spend all day looking around and smelling around.
Like a little detective dog :)

Then he finds good spots to take a nap. So far he found couple of cool spots, like this one by the window on the couch, where he can feel the cool breeze coming thru.
This is my favorite spot to take a nap too! It's just perfect, now I got my nap buddy!

I couldn't leave him alone at the house.
The first night, I had to go to the market fast.
When I came back I heard him barking from far away.
He's been barking, I think from separation anxiety.

From the first day, I've been training him not to bark at everything.
Since my place is not a so quiet place with all sort of different noises coming from everywhere.
So he's been pretty good at that, he learns really fast.
But he starts crying whenever I leave for little bit.
Even when I go into a shower, he follows me and makes sure I'm there.

So...until he feels safe at home, I have to stay home with him and take him wherever I go!
And Happy...he loves that!

The picture below says everything about Happy.
We were just at the coin laundry parking lot chasing birds.
And his face is like we're at Disneyland or something! hahaha

We went to petco. He was barking at every dogs even the big ones!
Then he got away! His collar was loose so we had to buy a new one for his skinny tiny neck.
And among everything at the store, only thing he showed interest was....

The pig ear! He devoured it in one sitting.
Actually many sittings, because he was taking it to different spots, walking around with a pig ear in his mouth.
And found a safe place to enjoy. Where else than under the couch next to his toy ;)

...and Care bear really did took care of Happy's need. :)

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