#NowPlaying Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - So You Want To Be A Rock and Roll Star

Wednesday, February 03, 2021


I was about to go to sleep after my nightly reading, then all of sudden out of nowhere, in my head I started singing "you belong somewhere you feel free"...Wild Flowers by Tom Petty.
Honestly, I do sing this song a lot, when I daydream or whenever I feel like I want to break free and just escape and go somewhere faraway. I think I was feeling that way unconsciously and my mind just started playing that song automatically.

So I turn on my spotify to play that song, then it started playing this song!
I was like whaaaat? Why I never heard this before!
I've never actually heard this song before. It says it's originally by The Byrds.
Whenever I find a old song like this, it's like finding a gold in the mine.
And no matter how old this song is, this song is brand new song to me and I love finding new songs I love! 

Tom Petty's songs always find me like this and talks to my heart.
And I fall in love!
It doesn't happen everyday but it happens like magic. 
It just naturally flows into my life.

Everyone who really knows me, knows I love music so much.
But sometimes I forget that and stop listening to music then I remember to listen to music I become so happy and realize how much I need music in my life.
It's like food for my soul. It wakes me up and it makes me feel like I'm really me again.

So here it is. I want to take advantage of this moment of feeling like myself again and talk about music I'm listening to right now. Even writing this feels so natural and flowing, it's a good feeling.

This is like something that I would and used to post on my facebook, but I don't use that anymore. Never even plan to write this or post this, especially right after I already posted a blogpost.

But yeah...I love Tom Petty and this is his "new" song I love and I wanted to share!
Maybe I wanna share more music next time on my blog, if my adhd brain can cooperate...;)

and this blog post from 2015, I wrote something about tom petty too. check it out.

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