cafe utopia, monday, may 21, 2018

Monday, February 22, 2021

happy monday!

we used to go to this cool coffee spot at the park

cafe on the cutest volkswagon minibus ever!

and the name was cafe utopia!

i used to think cafe utopia was the cutest thing ever, it used to make me smile just by looking at it. but they're gone now, i don't know what happened but they never came back.

it was a hot summer afternoon...
and this iced coffee really made me feel like 
i'm in an utopia!

whenever i pass by the spot where they used to park, i still look for them to see if they ever came back.

even if they never come back,
i am so glad i took these photos to remember these happy memories of cafe utopia.

have a happy monday 
we hope you find your utopia too!


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