lunar new year day walk

Friday, February 12, 2021

i never even carry my camera anymore...
but Happy is always so photogenic!

i took some photos of birds with my old dslr with a zoom lens on which i haven't used for years!
maybe i will post them soon, but they are not that good at all. it was a foggy day.

but here are some good old photos i took with that zoom lens. they look kinda cool!

but yeah these days, i don't even take any photos, even with my phone camera.
i've been thinking about getting a canon 24mm 2.8f pancake lens for the longest time, maybe i will get it this year and hopefully find my interest back in photography.

until then, i mean even after then, i'm pretty sure i will still love this huji cam app. ;)

today i took Happy for a walk with his Korean traditional outfit!
everybody was staring and giving compliments. 
which was kinda nice and little overwhelming at the same time lol.

today was like 50 degrees...which was super warm for February in Korea. 
i've never thought in million years, i would ever say 50 degrees is super warm when i was in LA. 
i used to cry about how freezing it is whenever it's anything below like 65 lol.
when it was like 55 in LA, i was like omg i feel like i'm dying freezing feels like Alaska...and i've never even been to Alaska...hahahhaaa...
although i've always wanted to visit see bears catching and eating salmon...maybe oneday soon! i'm serious...
hopefully it's not too cold there lol

stay warm and happy everyone!


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