gangneung, gangwondo, korea, january 5, 2019

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

gangneung, gangwondo, korea
january 5, 2019
birthday trip by myself for myself
my birthday is january 4th btw

frozen beach sand

anmok beach
gangneung coffee street

oreo brownie cake!!!

holly's coffee

coffee chocolate!!!!!

my favorite!!!
this place is called Sky Ranch!

i've always loved goats since i was little.
and also i'm a capricorn so i love them so much lol!

i seriously always daydream about having goats as pets.
then i start imagining living in country side and everything...
i really want to though...god i love goats so much!
you don't love goats, go to youtube and search baby goats pajama party,
you will fall in LOVE!

i felt like a kid and felt soooooooooooooooooooo happy!

really wanted to get this cowboy hat though...

i wanted to get everything from the souvenir shop...

ok so i got this one!
my precious!

this trip was perfect for my birthday
it was freezing at the beach though hahahaa
but i did everything i love.
i definitely wanna do it again!

i've been posting these blogs late at night before i go to sleep.
so i didn't really get to write much...because i'm super sleepy and tired...
maybe i will try to switch my blogging schedule...
but THANK YOU for stopping by!


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