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Friday, February 19, 2021

It's been so hot and humid for last 3 days.
And we've been really busy.
Both of us had a big change in life.
I was doing nothing all day to doing everything all day.
I bet Happy got tired from same reasons too.
I think he was too excited to feel tired for last few days.
But finally when I decided to stay home and relax for today and yesterday, he slept all day and spent a quality lazy time with me.

I fed him meats and brown rice, he loves brown rice but he doesn't like white rice.
I like brown rice better too! He's actually in a normal weight and perfectly healthy and full of energy.
But maybe 1-2 pounds will make those boney appearance go away.

Another thing I found about Happy is that he was already house broken.
If he has to go in the middle of the night or early, he goes to the bathroom where I put newspapers.
So I'm thinking even he was a stray dog, he definitely had someone who trained him.
Which kinda makes me sad. Plus he listens to be very well and understands me and already knows his name.
And he's so affectionate and attaching. Like a baby.
I really feel like a mom. Maybe because I'm older now but I never felt like this before with other dogs I had.

Paws are my favorite part of dogs.
It's so cute, especially when they show it off like this. :)
Happy just has so many different style of sleeping positions.
I already witnessed so so many.

Happy looks so comfortable when he's sleeping.
Just by watching him sleeping makes me sleepy.
He looks like he's in complete peace with a slight smile on his face.
I often have hard time sleeping thinking about everything.
Happy went through a lot too. But look at him!
When he sleeps, he's just sleeps! :)
It hasn't even been a week since I adopted him, but I'm learning a lot from him.

Cesar brings back so much memories. My first dog Poly, he used to love it.
It used to be special treats. Early in 90's in Korea, having a small dog as a pet in the city was not so common. So it was hard to find dog treats or dog food. Everything was imported and it was expensive.
I had to beg my parents or buy it without letting them know.
Poly used to love it so much. He was a 4 pound tiny Yorkie. But he used to finish this no seconds.
Max was little different. He was like a human. He would smell it and shake his head and walk away.
Happy? He devoured it like a little monster! Didn't even get a moment to take a picture. ;)

I had to treat myself too. For the past days, 24/7 I took care of Happy.
Ice cream would have been perfect, but I really need to take care of myself now.
So I got Greek yogurt with toppings. It has a good amount of protein to fill me up and also little sweetness from the toppings.
I must get my health back not only for myself.
But for Happy too.

I got to see this beautiful sky while taking out Happy for a little walk.
He's been such a blessing for me just like this beautiful California summer sky!

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