Back in Malibu

Monday, April 06, 2015

beach dog
Hello Everyone!
How was your Easter Weekend?
Here's Happy spending his happy day in Malibu. :)

It's been a while since we've been on Pacific Coast Highway. 
I used to come drive here all the time. <3
The most beautiful road to drive in California!

palm trees pch

palm trees
Look at all these beautiful scenery.
Palm trees in the blue sky is my favorite thing.
So California and so pretty!

Happy was all excited to be out here.
He looked like a little desert fox here. :) 


palm trees and flowers
Little far away from the city.
Fresh air and freedom we love!
A beautiful life. <3

beautiful trees

Happy blends right in so well with nature.
He's a nature lover boy. :)

dog smiling

smiling dog
Look at his happiness flowing!
So precious. <3
Makes my day so much brighter! :)

He's a big fan of green grass.
He loves running and also rubbing on it too.
Then he gets itchy. So he's gotta scratch. :)
Dogs gotta scratch! ;)

malibu birds

After some fun time on the grass we headed to the beach.
I saw these birds flying in a line.
So amazing!
I wonder where they're going?!

It was the first time this year Happy came to the beach.
I think he remembers the smell of the sand and the ocean.

Beautiful beach houses. <3
So relaxing just by looking at it!

I asked Happy,
"Imagine we live here?"
and He was imagining. :)

It was a beautiful relaxing weekend at the beach.
Beach always makes me so happy.
It's my favorite happy place. Where's your happy place? :)
How was your weekend? Hope you a had a happy one. <3

Check out the YouTube video for this day! :)

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