3 Thoughts on 3 Month Blogging

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Today is April already?! What happened to March?!
It's been almost 3 months since I started blogging.
This is my 40th post. Pretty amazing! :)
I don't really do much around so this is quite an accomplishment. ;)

So here are my 3 thoughts on 3 month blogging.

1. I started opening up and start connecting with people.
At first I was posting only about Happy. Now I post about me too. :)
It's a great feeling to express myself and share my pictures and stories.

I like the communications and interactions in the blogging community and social media.
Very positive and uplifting energy!
There are so many amazing bloggers out there, everyone is so different and unique.
And I love that!

Dear fellow bloggers! Thank you for all the inspirations and motivations!

2. My favorite part of blogging has been reaching the whole wide world.
I love looking at my Flagcounter. (on the bottom of the page)
It shows me the flags of the different countries' visitors around the world of my blog.
I've collected so many flags so far!
I even saw a name of a country I've never heard of before.

Since I was little I've always loved being international.
That's why I love Internet so much. It easily connects the whole world.
I used to have pen pals around the world too.
And I still have friends all around the world. I love my international friends. <3
So looking forward to make new friends around the world through my blog!

3. I also came to rediscover my passion for photography again!
I've always loved taking pictures and sharing. It was always there for me.
But I forgot about how I loved it so much.
Photography is a big part of blogging.
I've used so many of the pictures I've been taking past years.

It's a big blessing to get to have a passion again!
Something that I love to do and can not wait to do it again!
I've missed that for a long time and I felt very empty.
Now my heart is full of passion for photography and blogging of course!

I'm also planning to open up a new website about LA and more.
And start posting more videos on my YouTube channel too.
So stay tuned and thank you for reading! <3

How long have you been blogging? What are your thoughts on blogging?
Please have a sit on this tree, relax and share your thoughts. :)

PS - This tree reminded me of The Giving Tree so much. One of my favorite book of all time! <3


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