Miracle Monday - #2

Monday, April 27, 2015

bee flower

I am scared of bees. 
So much, too much.
I scream and cry like a little kid.

My high school was right next to the mountain.
So sometimes bees used to come into my classroom.
Then I used to scream and start running away from the bees in the middle of the class.

One teacher asked me "Why are you so scared?"
I answered "Because they buzz and might sting me. They are so scary!" as I'm screaming "Ahhh!"
Then he said..."You are more scarier than anything!" LOL

Many years later I'm still scared.
But! I realized when it comes to doing something I really love I'm not scared anymore.

Like this pictures I took today!
I love taking pictures so much I didn't mind getting so close to it.
In fact I was getting closer and closer to get a better shot.
If I wasn't taking pictures I would've been running away. :)

This reminded me of the time I was at the beach for a photoshoot.
I'm a beach lover yet I'm scared of water. I dip my feet and that's about it.
But for the photoshoot I was the one who said "Should I go deeper in the water?"
At the moment I completely forgot I was scared of water.
Because I was so focused and enjoying modeling.

It's so true that fear takes away the joy in our life.
But when you are fully in the moment with love there's no space for fear. <3
Enjoy your new week and let's live fearlessly and lovingly! :)

What are you scared of but do it anyway? Please share your thoughts! :)

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