Birds and the City

Friday, April 10, 2015

downtown los angeles
Happy Friday Everyone from the City of Los Birds. :)
It was a beautiful day in LA with beautiful birds.

downtown los angeles

It was a dinner time at the park.
They were busier than any other busy restaurant in LA. :)
It was like a bird party!
They got chips, pop corn, tortillas and everything.
And check out all the different crowds.
Even Seagulls! What are you doing here? :)


And these guys always scares me.
They always yell at me and my dog. :)
Last time they almost bit my dog.
I have truly experienced Angry birds in real life! ;)

Blooming flowers on the tree letting us know the Spring is here. <3

Happy was super excited at this park.
Because of all the birds around.
He loves birds. He's actually fascinated by them. :)
He was so busy tracking and staring at all the birdies.

I spotted this squirrel by accident!
I just wanted take a picture of this giant palm tree.
The I saw something moving.
I was like a dog, "SQUIRREL!" :)

So cool that little thing climbed all the way up to the top and disappeared.
What an amazing creature! <3
Animals always amazes me!
So brave and bold!

This guy couldn't calm down for a bit.
Thanks to the birds and squirrels.
He always have so much fun in the nature. Me too!
It's only natural! <3

This Seagull was so modeling.
I started taking pictures and he or she started posing. :)
Coolest bird ever! Thanks bird!

Hope you are having a happy fun friday and have a wonderful weekends!
And make sure to get some rest and relax in the nature.
It's so good for you and you deserve it! <3

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