Good Morning Happy The Grey

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

sleeping dog

Happy looked like a little philosopher in the morning.
So we did a little photoshoot session with amazing natural light.
What's he thinking in his little head looking so serious about life in the morning? :)

I read a book called A Morning Person when I was in highschool.
It was written by a Japanese man and was the best seller in Korea and Japan.
The book suggests to wake up at least 5 am.
All the successful people wake up early and this and that and my mom said I should.
So I tried and it felt amazing for 2 days...I need to sleep!

I am not a morning person. I love staying up late.
Then again, I love morning too. Not too early though.

But there's definitely a great peace and magic about early morning.
That fresh morning air and calmness with birds start singing as the sun rising up.

Sometimes I stay up all night till the morning. 
It's the weirdest feeling and somehow I never forget those kind of days and I clearly remember.
Feels like living two days in one's weird but a good feeling!

Here's some little laugh for you. 
Bloopers from Mr.Happy's photoshoot. :)

This song is for everyone who loves to stay up all night. <3
Yes. This is my kinda music with the hair every where. :)

Are you a morning person or a stay up all nighter?
And what do you think about when you first wake up in the morning?
Breakfast? Or maybe the best day ever you will have today! :)

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