The Coolest Dog Collar Ever! Haul!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

custom dog collar

Happy just got so much cooler by wearing this coolest dog collar ever! :)
Remember he won The Hottest Dog Contest on Read this Post.
He got the package today!
It was delivered by USPS Priority Mail. Fast and Safe. <3 

monkey toy
First this pink and yellow Monkey! Super cute! :)
Head is squeaky and body is crinkly, So much fun! :)
Happy fell in love with it in first sight. :)

Happy needed a new food bowl. And this was just perfect.
I like how you can just take it out to wash it and it's non-skid!
So smart and great quality!
And lovely baby blue color for baby boy Happy. :)

This is Happy's must have item!
He loves to chew on a rawhide every night after he finish his dinner.
It's his nighttime ritual. If he runs out of his rawhides...he will chew my shoes...
So I need to always have them in stock!

And this is All Natural. Nothing bad in it!
Which I care about the most, when it comes to dog treats.
Some dog treats have so many weird stuff in it. 
So always check the ingredients! :) 

Like this one! All Natural dog biscuits! Made with Real Peanut Butter!
I love the packaging too. It's like a homemade gift. So adorable! <3

Check out this clean ingredients. Nothing funny here! :)
Healthy treats for Healthy Happy. <3

Happy is a serious chewer and Bully Stick is his favorite thing to chew on!
He gets all serious chewing this.
I guess it's a delicacy for dogs. :)

They also gave us free cookies! Who doesn't love free cookies? :)
So much treats for Happy!

This is the coolest thing ever! Happy's name on the collar?!
You can choose whatever colors you want and put whatever you want to say on this custom personalized collar!
You can put name and phone numbers.

I just decided to put MY NAME IS HAPPY with hearts! :)
Because he's name is just so cool. <3 
And it's Made in USA! 
I like this website because it has so many Made in USA items with great quality and safety.

We also got a name tag.
The one we had was messed up.
It was cheap printed on tag.

But this one is engraved so it will last a lifetime! :)
This Yellow color is so bright and happy!
And it matches the yellow heart on the collar. :)

It comes with rings you can attach to the collar and a kind instruction! :)

This is like Happy's heart. Because yellow is a happy color. :)

I'm so happy to see Happy happy with all the stuff he got!
I'm so proud of him. He won all this by himself!
What an amazing dog! :)
He made people smile with his smile! <3

For more details and price info, Check out this video we made on my YouTube channel!

Me and Happy would like to Thank so much to HotDogCollars for giving Happy an opportunity to win the contest and have this fun shopping spree. <3

You can enter your dog too! :)
Check out this link for coupons and Free Shipping! :)

*Happy shopped with $50 credit he earned by winning The Hottest Dog Contest.
Not a sponsored post. No other compensation was made. 
Just showing our shopping experience with gratitude. :)

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