Paradise City

Friday, March 27, 2015

Aloha! Feels like Hawaii in this picture, although it was in the middle of Los Angeles.
It's really hot in LA right now. 90's hot! 
It was only last week I posted Spring is here and the spring was officially started last friday.
But LA weather is like whatever. :)

Did you see the new logo on my blog and all my social media? :)
It was the picture I took from yesterday.
Beautiful pretty colorful flowers blooming everywhere! My eyes were so happy!

beautiful flowers
And the animals were happy to enjoy this beautiful sunny day!
Look at this cool monster here! :)
Looks like turkey, duck, chicken all at the same time. :)
Who are you? What's your name! You look so cool!

And this adorable turtle and a baby turtle and a non turtle. :)
They look so relaxing swimming around. Cool lake life they have there!

Then I look up this cool hawk or hawk like big bird flying around looking amazing.
I always get so amazed by all these animals. 
I can watch animal planet, national geographic, discovery channel all day and get lost in it. 

In Seoul, Korea I've never really seen any wild animals, maybe just squirrels in the mountains.
In LA I've seen raccoons, a possum, mice, giant rats, skunks, deers, coyotes, lizards and more.

I never knew an animal called possum existed until I saw one on the stairs in the apartment building.
I was like what is that?! I thought it was an alien or something. 
It was quiet scary it had a scary face and screaming at me. 
Skunks I thought they only come out in the cartoons and live in the zoo.
And when I saw a coyote for the first time I thought it was a lost dog.
But now I know. :)

palm trees

Lotus flowers start coming up for this season. :)
They have a Lotus flower festival here in Echo park lake too.
These flowers make this park so much beautiful and special.
I'm not a Buddhist but I do relate to it a lot.

"In Buddhism the lotus is known to be associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness. The flower is considered pure as it is able to emerge from murky waters in the morning and be perfectly clean."
Source -

echo park
And this weird one.
So weird but that's what makes it so beautiful and that's why I like it! <3
I'm weird myself maybe that's why I like it more too. Hahaha.
What is this? Does any body know it's name? :) I just know it's so unique and pretty!
Once again feels like I'm in Hawaii. :) Although I've never been there before and I'd love to go.
Maybe I go I'll never come back. Beach lover problem!

smiling dog
One more weirdo right here!
Happy the happy dog. :) Just too happy to be out in the sunshine!
He can't hide his happiness. Anyways why should he!
Be happy and smile and be happy again!
This dog can do it, you can do it too!
It's a choice we can make to be in the moment and choose happiness. <3

dog smiling
I wish you find your paradise wherever you are and be happy.
I was happy to see happy animals, walk on the green grass, look up at the blue sky, take pictures of colorful flowers, feel the warmth of the sunshine and this smiling dog of mine makes everything so perfect. 

Life is beautiful!

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