Happy June! Updates and June Daily Blog Challenge! :)

Monday, June 01, 2015

Happy June Everyone! :)
Can you smell the summer happiness?! <3

Happy has so many reasons to smile about.

First! We hit 500+ Followers on our Instagram!

That's half 1000! It's a big number for weirdos like us! :)
If you are our followers then Thank you so much with our love! <3
Please come join us and have fun hanging out with us.
You are always so welcome!

And Happy is featured on the front page at www.hotdogcollars.com !

He's looking like a real model! Just look at him! :)
We love HotDogCollars. 
They are such a fun, happy and positive company.
Just like Happy!

Happy's also featured on their latest blog post 
It's a great article to read to keep our dogs cool and safe in the summer!
Check it out. :)

I did a Korean subtitles for Sharla in Japan!

It's a short video so I thought I would give it a try and volunteer and it was kinda fun to translate.
She's a happy girl living in Japan sharing her videos about her life in Japan on YouTube.
Always so much fun to watch her videos.
So check her out on

Oh we have YouTube channel too!
I'm planning to upload vlogs and more videos soon. :)

That was my little updates on things and...

I'll be blogging everyday in June!

I thought I was blogging a lot, then I looked at my archive, I posted around 10 posts a month!
So I came up with an idea to blog everyday and I want to give it a try!
I'm going to try my best and hopefully I can make it! :)

When I blog I like it like a diary.
I like writing daily thoughts of the moments.
I think it will be fun so please stay tuned. <3

This month I have many plans.
Pretty exciting. Summer is coming too!
More sunshine has been motivating and inspiring me.
I'm still doing lots of outlining for my new website.
I wanna go somewhere far to take pictures.
And all the happy stuff!

I hope you have a wonderful new month of June! :)
What are your plans for June and this summer? <3

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