Dog Gone Fishing?! Grandma Lucy's All Natural Dog Treats Review!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Grandma Lucy's All Natural Dog Treats Review
Hello! Happy Friends!
Happy went fishing to catch some tuna and fish?! 
Let's see what's going on here. :)

*Grandma Lucy's sent us these treats to try it out.
We were not paid to write this blog post.
We only post our real experience and honest opinion. :)

Aww, Happy!
I thought you really went fishing. :D
It was just his dream going fishing. ;)

Grandma Lucy's All Natural Dog Treats Review
Happy didn't have to go in the water to get all these!
Thanks to Grandma Lucy's All Natural Dog Treats! <3

"Grandma Lucy's is family owned and operated company since 1999,
 Using only human-grade ingredients!
If it is not good enough for human’s to eat, it will never be included in their food or treats!
 Grandma Lucy’s pets eat better than people!"

Happy was feeling so grateful for Grandma Lucy's for making great quality treats for dogs! <3

Here's what we got!

Sounds so yummy! ;)
Let's check them out one by one! ;)
Did someone say Chicken?
That's Happy's favorite word!
Also his favorite food! ;)

Here's Chicken Stew for you HAPPY! 

They are like cute little meatballs! :)

These meat balls are made with the highest quality USDA Inspected and Approved Ingredients. <3

Give it to me NOW! ;)

Nom Nom Nom!

The meatball escaped Happy's mouth! ;)

Sometimes I gotta feed him like a baby! ;)

Beautiful sky and yummy treats!
It was such a perfect day for Happy!

Happy just couldn't get enough of this super yummy treats!

So serious about eating! ;)

It is a good size for dogs to have fun crunching it down.

Happy was taking one big bite to make it into few pieces.

And enjoy them. :)

  Happy didn't want to waste any little pieces.

Waste food?
What's that?

No way! ;)

What's my next food! ;)


Happy loves seafood just like his mommy! ;)

Happy was super excited to try this out!

Yellowfin Tuna is the ingredient!

Clean and simple freeze dried USDA Ahi Tuna Filets!
Sounds like we are in a nice Japanese restaurant! ;)

Is this really for us dogs?

Yes Happy! This is for you! ;)

Let me just give it a lick.

I guess I'll just take it! ;)

 Thank you Mommy.

It's all MINE! ;)

It was a success!
Happy loved all of them! ;)
Happy was so happy to try these amazing treats and I was so happy to see him happy! :D

Dogs deserve safe, healthy and yummy treats!
Because dogs love us and we love them too! <3

For Happy's Review for Freeze-Dried Ocean White Fish see this Post! ;)

They are available on and

They post many giveaways and Random Act of Kindness ideas! ;)

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