Fall Fun Time at The Grove #FarmersMarketLA

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Farmer Market LA
Hello Happy Friends!
Happy Fall! <3
Follow us to the Grove. :)

The Grove LA
It was a beautiful day.
Sunny blue fall sky was so pretty!

Happy was taking advantage of this amazing weather!

Posing like a statue in front of the fountain. :)

Then he really became a statue! ;)

The Grove LA
But he started falling asleep. :D

Ok, Let's go Happy! :)

It's always so much fun walking around here!
And of course, they are dog friendly! <3

The Grove LA

Happy loves coming here. :)

The Grove LA
He loves getting all the attentions. :)

Ok, Happy you are so cute! <3

They have this cool trolley you can ride it for free!

Happy likes walking. :)

You can walk and I'll take the free ride Happy!


Please walk with me! ;)

This smile always melts my heart! :D

The Original Farmers Market LA
We walked to the Farmers Market.

Happy found this cute fall decorations!

Happy just knew this was a great photo op!

Such a model dog! ;)

You rock Happy!

Happy just knew this was going on our Instagram! ;)

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When you are in LA area, go check out The Grove and The Original Farmers Market! :)
It's always so much fun! ;)

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