Korea Blog 2 - Selfie in Seoul!

Friday, October 09, 2015

Selfie in Seoul
I took a selfie in Seoul! ;)
I've never took a selfie in Seoul before.
10 years ago when I was in Seoul, selfie didn't really existed. ;)

Let's start with some food! <3
My mom made Gimbap, one of my favorite food!
It's so different than regular Gimbap.
She put aged home made Kimchi by my aunt (rinsed with water so it's not too strong), red and yellow bell pepper and multi grain rice.
It's healthier and yummier! :D

And I ate them with the left over spicy rice cake from the night before. ;)

Kimbap and spicy rice cake are the best yummy combo! <3

Korean Food
And for the side dishes, marinated tofu and mushroom and seaweed soup!
I ate everything! ;)
Then me and my mom went to Seoul Tower.
She said I've been there when I was little but I have no memory.
And I always wanted to go! :)

It's on top of the mountain and you can take a cable car! ;)

Seoul Tower
Seoul Tower!
So cool!

They were having a free show for everyone.

It's called Samulnori.
It's a traditional Korean music playing with a dancing.

It was so much fun and entertaining!

The view from here is so amazing!

Seoul City View
It was a beautiful clear sunny day in Seoul!
Such a perfect day! <3
You can see Han River too!

Namsan Tower

It was a hot day, so we went into a cafe too cool down.
I thought it was cool my shirt was matching with the wall. ;)

Me and my mom taking selfie, wearing matching sunglasses!

Just so much fun! <3

Selfies with Seoul Tower too! ;)

I was so impressed by my own hometown Seoul! ;)

Then we headed to Myeongdong. 
It's the most famous shopping street in Korea.

So many shops and so many things to look around! ;)

Then we headed to Cheonggyecheon.
I really wanted to come here.

They restored the old river 10 years ago!
It was so beautiful and peaceful! :)

So relaxing in the middle of this mega city!

Gwanghwamun Plaza
Next stop was Gwanghwamun Plaza.
This was new to me too.
I used to come here all the time.

But before this space was not accessible.

Gwanghwamun Plaza
Now you can walk right in front of these cool statues! <3

Kyobo Book Center
Right next to the plaza, there is my favorite bookstore Kyobo Book Center!
It's a huge bookstore.

I used to come here a lot!
Spending hours by myself with books and CDs.
It used to be my favorite place to hang out! ;)

Korean Food
Dinner was Spicy Stir Fried Octopus! ;)
Gotta love my Korean spicy food! <3

And we got this cute yummy Macarons!
My brother gave us a Gifticon for this.
Gifticon is a online gift certificate you can send it through the mobile messengers.
Korean technology is too awesome! ;)

This was sooooo yummy too! <3<3<3

Everything is so much fun and so delicious with friends and family you love! :)

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Next Blog and Vlog will be about my family trip to Jeju Island! <3

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