Yummy Rice Ball Lunch on Melrose!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Yummy yummy happy happy! :)
We found Rice Ball on Melrose!

We were having so much fun window shopping on Melrose. 
And we got so hungry! ;)

So we found this place called Kawaba Rice Ball.
It's a Japanese Deli selling Onigiri

I love anything with rice! <3
Also I love Nori(Seaweed) too, so crunchy and healthy!
So this was a perfect little lunch! :)

I got Grilled Salmon and Spicy Tuna.
Perfectly cooked short grain rice was so chewy and yummy 
and the little saltiness of salmon and little spiciness of tuna was so delicious!

When you get a big bite of everything with seaweed and everything...
 it is soooo goood! :D

For dessert, this cute little Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream! YES! :D

This was Strawberry or Raspberry Mochi Ice cream. ;)

We were sitting at the outdoor table.
They brought Happy a bowl of fresh water and we didn't even asked for it! <3
That was so sweet of them! :)

Happy really appreciated it! :)

We love finding dog friendly places!

Happy says we need to find some more! ;)

The Peanuts Movie
Oh we found this cool Snoopy bus on the way back too! ;)

Snoopy Movie
The new Peanuts movie is coming out on Nov 6.
I love this kind of movie! :)

Is there a dog friendly movie theater?

That's the question...said Happy. ;)

We had a fun day on Melrose!
So glad we found a cute little lunch place selling yummy rice ball! 
And they are dog friendly. <3
YAY! :)

Check out their website for the menu and more info! :)

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