Look with Love

Friday, January 23, 2015

One day I went hiking and found this leaf on the ground...

It was so beautiful how it was so broken but still had a pretty heart shape.
It really touched me and made me think a lot.
I could have just passed by and stepped on it, thinking this is just an ugly broken leaf.
But something told me to stop and look in a different way and I took a picture.
Then I saw a heart.

When we judge others, we are giving up a chance to love, 
which is the best privilege we can have and the biggest blessing we can give.
We can always choose love and it's easy when you let your heart decide.
For we are born to love and be loved, not to judge and be judged.

heart in the sky

Love was in the air, literally. :) 
Found this in Hollywood, couple of weeks ago, someone was proposing, they wrote a name and wrote marry me and drew a heart. I thought that was so sweet and made me smile.
I wonder if Tom Petty ever thought about the day, you can actually write a name in the sky, when he wrote the song Free Falling. And this was over Mulholland too.
I just had to mention it, because I love that song so much. :)

Love is everywhere when our heart is open and when we look with love.

love heart
If you can't find love, make one like this. :)
Share with your friend, family or whoever. It will brighten up your day and everyone else. 
Let love shine! Remember true love is always unconditional. Don't let ego get on your way!

May our heart will be filled with so much love so there's no space for judgement. <3

I'm sending out so much love from my heart to whoever is reading this.
Thank you so much for giving me a chance to share my loving thoughts with you. It's an honor.  
Hope you and your loved ones to have a lovely loving day!

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