Happy The Superstar!

Friday, March 13, 2015

cute dog smile

Happy did it! 
He sat, he stayed and posed like a superstar!

Last weekend, we went to his favorite park in Hollywood.
There were people from Japan taking free photos for dogs to promote their new photo studio in Tokyo.

Above Photo Credit : www.cawawee.com

So there he was. Happy like a professional model.
I've been taking pictures of him since he was adopted.
But this was the first time by other photographer and on set and on purpose.
I've always failed trying to make him pose for the camera.

And I never even expected him to stay in place on the set, surrounded by people and dogs and right by where he loves to run around all crazy. 
At the same time, I was really wishing that he stayed because I've been training him to stay and wait recently too. Also I was hoping he comes out nice in the picture because he is really nice. :)

He is always super excited at this park especially.
I told him to sit and stay. At first it felt like of course it was not gonna happen.
Then Happy started smiling and staying sitting down in one place.
People were like "He is smiling".

My heart was beating so fast with so much happiness.
I was so proud of him and so happy. 
I couldn't believe how good he was.

And the following pictures are after the photo shoot.
Celebrating his debut?! by running all over the place!! :)

cute dog
Hope this pictures made you smile! :)
Have a happy happy Friday everyone! <3

More dogs' photos from this shoot are on their Instagram - instagram.com/dog_pickrew
and #dogphoto

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