Smile! Spring is Here! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

dog smile
Hello Spring lovers! :)
Spring has arrived in LA! After the mini heatwaves we had last week.
It started to feel like real spring time today!
Birds are singing, butterflies are dancing, flowers are blooming...and Happy is smiling! :)

He's enjoying this beautiful weather at the fullest at his happiest!

Who let the dog out? :)

Soaking the warmth of this California sunshine! <3

dog smile

happy face

Just so thankful for this beautiful sunny weather in LA.
Makes everything seems so much more brighter and more beautiful!
It's so easy to forget to be grateful and we take it for granted for something that we are used to have.
So I always try to remind myself to be thankful and appreciate every little things around me.
Because those are the usually the best things in life. <3


Living in the big city is kinda hard sometimes.
But this little dandelion reminds me I can always come back to the nature and relax.
See it's always these little things. Yes, I talk to flowers too. :)

I just had to take pictures of all these flowers.
They were singing at me like "Take picture of me! I just bloomed and I'm so pretty!" :)

I read a poem about flowers.
It was about flowers don't have to say they are beautiful, they are just being flowers and they are just beautiful by being themselves.
I really love this!

beautiful flowers

pretty flower

I hope you can use your imagination and breathe in amazing scent of these flowers and herbs.
Smells like spring!

This dog just had so much fun welcoming a new spring.
His face was blooming like happy flowers. :)
I wish your spring will be filled with so much happiness and smile!
Maybe take some time and go say hi to beautiful flowers in the nature near by you. <3

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