Happy Won The Hottest Dog Photo Contest!

Monday, March 16, 2015

dog photo contest
Wow! Happy is the winner! :)
One day I saw a tweet from @hotdogcollars for the Hottest Dog Contest.
So I entered Happy's cutest photo last month and I forgot about it.
Then I got this email. I was so surprised!

It made me so happy! So made my day!
I was hugging Happy and lifted him up and told him he's the winner! :)
So proud of my little dog.
His happy smile makes people smile happy.
He will always be a winner for that! :)

You can check out the Hottest Dog Contest on the links below.
Make sure you enter your dog's photo for a chance to win too! <3

Now we're off to shop at HotDogCollars.com. 
They've got bunch of cool stuff like custom collars (definitely getting one of those) 
and Made in USA products (so hard to find these).
So excited for our little shopping spree. :)
I'll be posting unboxing photos or a video when we get the package!

Also check out my original blog post with the winning photo 

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