The Day I was on How I Met Your Mother

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

how i met your mother

Do you like How I Met Your Mother? I was on it!
Can you find me in this scene? Hint: I'm a girl. ;)

Yes. That's me. And this was me while waiting for my turn.
I was pretty excited because this was actually the first time I was filming for a TV show.
Then I had done radio and cable tv shows before but this was a major TV show on a national channel.
I felt like this was something big. 
I'm still such a little girl when it comes to getting excited for everything!

Back then I've never watched an episode of the show. I didn't have a TV.
I didn't know any characters or names.
I just knew Neil Patrick Harris was in the show. 
How can I not know Doogie Howser!
I loved that show so much when I was a kid in Korea.
It was so popular all kids were watching. I thought he was really a genius in real life.

When they told me go walk towards Barney, I was like who's Barney?
But after months later I got to watch some episodes and I love Barney! :)
He's so funny. I think Neil Patrick Harris is really a great actor.

That day I almost couldn't make it.
My ride was cancelled in the morning. I was crying. 
My eyes were getting swollen and my make up was messing up.
Then I had to beg someone to borrow a car right before.
I got lost on the way, barely made on time then I went to the wrong entrance.
Then I couldn't find the parking for the studios.
And some people were not really nice to me. 
I was so discouraged and feeling bad about this whole thing.
I thought it was gonna be the best day but everything was going wrong.

I mean I was a background actress.
I come out for a short period of time in the back and sometimes out of focus or not even in the scene.
But I was doing my best. It really didn't matter if I was an extra.
Still I told myself, this is the first time I'm going to be on TV.
I'm gonna do my best for what I can do.
I felt like a main actress and I was acting like a main actress.
That's all it mattered to me. And that made me keep smiling.

It was between the scene above, all of sudden, out of nowhere I hear a voice of a woman.

She said
"Hey, you are doing a great job back there!"

I didn't know it was me. I looked back nobody was behind me. She was looking at me.
I said "Thank you so much!" and I want to thank her again and again.

It was Alyson Hannigan. Lily on the show.

That little moment it was quiet as if the time stopped and all eyes on me.
It meant so much for me.
I was having a bad day and feeling all discouraged. 
I was barely keeping myself keep smiling and keep going.
It almost felt like she saw through me and read my mind.

She made my day. The day I was on How I met your mother.
The day I was on the TV show for the first time.
I will remember the day forever. And Her kindness!

Can't wait to go back to the back, front or wherever it is! I'll be doing my best! :)

PS-And I'd like to thank my friend for sending me this gif images of my great acting career in action. <3 Merci!

*A link for the episode I was in and more cool stuff like The Bro Code, bros! ;)
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