Two Random Things About Me - #2

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

universal studios hollywood

1. I was an astronaut! Really...!
When I was in elementary school, they had this thing called Young Astronauts Korea.
It's kinda like girl scouts/boy scouts but with an astronaut theme.
And I absolutely hated it. LoL. I don't remember if I wanted to join or my parents joined me.

But I quit within few days I remember.
I had to wear an uniform looked like an astronaut. It was really ugly and I got sad.
I think I wanted to quit so much I cried and my mom got mad at me.
Just like college, I quit. So no more astronaut for me. I'm happy on earth! :)
The picture was taken at Universal Studios Hollywood which is my favorite!

lambs goats

2. I can talk to animals. Yes, it's true! If you believe or not.
Anyone can talk to animals. You just need to listen carefully. :)
Animals don't talk to me in audible voices but with senses and feelings.
So we need extra attention. <3
My tip is to open your heart not your ears.
Yes. I'm weird. I've talked with trees before. So enough said. :)

Sometimes we don't need a word to understand each other.
Sometimes we just need to share our hearts. All we need is love. <3

Have you ever talked to animals before? or trees? :)
Or with your friends and family without a word?

I hope you enjoyed reading this and get to know a little bit.
Also check out my first post of "Two Random Things About Me".

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