The Day a Man Painted Me a Painting

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It was a beautiful warm sunny day in January in LA. 
I just had to go the beach not to miss this lovely summer feeling.
Although I was feeling little down I pushed myself to get out and go!

santa monica beach
It was really one of the most beautiful day ever.
I don't know if it was the weather or what it was. 
It was 80's in January so I probably was the weather!

Everybody was happy that day. Everybody was smiling and friendly.
Everywhere I go I felt so much happy energy.
Made me even happier, happiness always doubles when shared, so contagious! :)
I wish everyday was like that! <3

I got to the beach early. It was so quiet and peaceful.
So much relaxing and refreshing than busy crazy summer time.
I felt so good. I would have never felt like this good if I stayed home!

After all morning spending time on the sand, I went to walk on the pier.
Enjoying the musicians performing at the end of the pier.
Then out of nowhere, this guy appeared and said hi and gave me a little painting and said it was free.
And told me to stop by his spot on the other side of the pier.

I was so happy and surprised because I always wanted one of these painting from long time ago when I saw it here.
I just never got to buy it. It was like I like it and but I wouldn't buy it kinda thing.
But whenever I saw it I've always thought I wanted one.
And even earlier that day I was passing by that spot I was thinking it was so pretty and I wanted it.

Even then I wasn't sure if I wanted to stop by. I was quite shy and didn't know what to expect.
I thought I still had to say thank you on the way back.
So I went and said thank you so much and he said wait then he started painting me a brand new one. And said it was just for me with my name on!

I was so amazed, happy and touched. I told him I always wanted this too.
I was so thankful. I told him thank you so much so many times. It meant so much to me.

He said he likes saying hi to people but some people don't even say hi and it was nice that I said hi and asked how are you and smiled and be friendly.

I gave him a big hug with so much thanks. We were both smiling all along.
It was really a beautiful happy day in Santa Monica. :)

Just a simple hi with a smile can make this world a little more happier place! <3

Feel free to share your experience like this on the comment section below. Thank you!

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